Creating a small sleep sanctuary for your little one isn’t an easy job. Especially, new parents find it difficult to decorate a baby’s nursery and feel overwhelmed with the options available to them.

Well, we understand this situation. You need everything to be perfect for the baby to doze off; for instance, you need a room that is not too dark or too light. You’ll need to plan nursery furniture and baby supplies to avoid last-minute clutter. Furthermore, you’ll need to ensure that the space is warm enough to keep your baby cosy and relaxed, no matter if they are napping or not.

Overall, you need to decorate your space in such a way that it creates a no-fuss environment for your baby. Yes, you need to consider a lot of factors before turning your room into a baby nursery.
If you are struggling to create an ideal nursery, we are here to help. Here are some tips that can help you build the nursery of your dreams.

Tips for Perfect Baby Nursery

Choose the Perfect Colour Scheme and Theme

The first thing you need to do is clear your choices on colours & themes. What kind of room do you want? The one that is cute or the one that cleans up easily or both? Remember, the baby nursery is not just about piling up unnecessary cute stuff in the room.  

Of course, you need to keep it special for the baby but you can pick such designs that you enjoy. For instance, a lot of parents these days are moving out of the pastel zone and looking for designs that go with their homes. Yes, you can add extra elements to make it special but your nursery should look like a part of your home.

Shop for the Functional Nursery Furniture

Now, as you are now happy with the design, you should also be happy about the nursery. You would need to buy the best nursery furniture Australia and decor items to create a safe haven for your little munchkin.

A few essential elements in the nursery including a rocking chair, pillows, and a baby wardrobe. You need to look for your comfort too as you will be spending a lot of time in the nursery. Make it comfortable as you want to because that will only help your baby in the long run.

Make The Room Full Of Comfort

Let’s face it, the baby nursery is going to be your constant place in the home. It will not just be a place where the baby sleeps but it will also be a place where the baby eats, sleeps, dresses, and cleans.

Looking at this scenario, you need a space that is organised. You need things that can be found easily even in the middle of the night. As a parent, having an organised nursery is calming because all the baby care needs are easily identifiable.

Light Up The Space

Lighting is important. Having a dimmer switch is no less than a blessing for parents. It creates a whole sleepy mode before the actual sleep hits in. It also allows you to sneak in and out quietly without disturbing the baby.

If you are a little unsure about adding more electrical wiring to the room, you can look for dimmers that can be added to lamps. Aside from this, you can also keep task lighting. For instance, an additional light over the changing table can help you in having a thorough look at the baby.

Let The Sun Slip-In

Natural sunlight and fresh air are crucial. So, having windows in the room is a must. Although, you wish to have a dark environment for the baby to sleep. You also need to create a fresh environment for the baby to bask in the light.

You can further add gorgeous drapes to the windows to create a warm look. For instance, you can add blackout drapes when you wish to create a dark sleepy mode for the baby or a sheer liner drape to control the light.

Create A Sleep Routine

Babies can’t create their own sleep routine, you need to create it for them. You can do a lot of things to let the baby sleep. For instance, pulling down shades or dimming the lights or turning on a sound machine. Your daily routine will set up a sleep schedule for the baby. After a few days, the baby shall automatically be sleepy at the same time.


As a parent, we understand your concern to create the best possible and fuss-free nursery for the baby. After a baby, the nursery becomes the place where you spend more time than any other part of your home. Hence, making it organised for yourself is important to ensure easy parenting!

We hope our tips helped you in creating a haven for your baby. For more such tips, stay tuned with us!