No matter how many times you have travelled with a baby, every time you do it involves challenges. If you don’t keep them occupied, the travel may turn into the worst nightmares of your life; especially if you have a cranky baby. Moreover, you have to give special attention to their comfort while sleeping during the entire journey; otherwise, your journey will be spoiled if your baby is disturbed.

However, we would recommend you to get your baby adapted to a defined sleep routine before you travel. You would also need to know the basics of a safe sleep environment that your baby will need. However, you must know that travels are suited for babies from 6 months to 1 year. Doctors suggest that when you bring home your newborn baby, you should avoid travelling within 40 days. But, in the case when you have to travel out of emergency, you can’t do anything so you should prioritise your baby’s safety.

Whether you are travelling in a car, aeroplane, or train, it is nonetheless an enjoyable experience, but it’s never easy. So, considering your needs, today we are here with some simple tips on how to travel with a baby that will make your journey enjoyable while travelling with your baby.

5 Simple Tips To Travel With Your Baby Safely

We know travelling with children can be extremely stressful; especially if you are a first-timer. Here we have tried to give you some simple tips that you can follow to have a safe journey with your baby. Have a look:

Don’t forget the essentials

No matter whether you are having domestic travel or international, don’t ignore the essentials. We are talking about diapers, wipes, toys, and laundry because you may find it difficult to get it urgently. Moreover, ill-fitting diapers may cause further more inconvenience. We would recommend you to carry disposable diapers because you may not get sufficient time to wash and dry your baby.

Apart from this, laundry could be a tricky part; so we recommend you to always carry two bags, one to store the clean clothes and the other one for the dirty laundry. So, your baby will have clean clothes quickly and your journey will be more organised. All this will ensure that your baby gets all the necessities on time and gets complete rest and a night of sound sleep.

We would also like to recommend that it’s better to carry easily washable clothes. And, carry some extra pair of clothing in case you have to extend your trip or you have to stay at the destination for some reason.


One of the common issues that every parent faces is transportation. Moreover, when you are travelling to nearby cities, it’s best to rent a car that will make your journey easier. If you aren’t able to rent a car, then it’s better to take a train because you will get people who can accommodate you. And, the best part is, you have a dedicated space where you can easily breastfeed your baby whether you are travelling by car or train. We say that these two modes are considered the safest forms of transportation when you are travelling with your baby.

Consider Co-Sleeping With Your Baby

When you arrive at the hotel, your baby may feel uneasy as the environment changes and it may miss the homely vibes of a familiar place. To help your baby, quickly adapt to the new environment, consider safe sleeping guidelines that suggest that you should opt for co-sleeping with your baby. Another important concern is that the bedding that is given might not be that comfortable. So, we would recommend you to check for the mattress and squishy pillows that you would need so that your baby has a sound night’s sleep.

Baby Crib

One of the obvious challenges that you are going to face is to get your baby to sleep comfortably. Wherever you are staying, no matter it’s a hotel or a resort, ask for a crib for your baby because carrying one can be a little difficult while travelling. Book a crib in advance wherever you are planning to stay. Supposedly, if your travel is unplanned, then you don’t have any option but to carry lightweight baby gear which we will be discussing in the next point.

Baby Gear

One thing that has to be considered while travelling with your baby is the baby gear. Believe us; it is going to make your leisure time more enjoyable and easy. You can explore different baby gear for different purposes right from the strollers to bassinets to car seats to ensure that your baby gets the comfiest journey. Moreover, baby gears like strollers should be lightweight that will help you move around quickly. And, even your baby can enjoy the moment when you are busy shopping or exploring the city.

Apart from this, bassinets with inflatable mattresses are a perfect solution as they offer proper space to your baby; so, it doesn’t feel suffocated.

So, these were some safe travel tips that will help you cope with a heavy suitcase and a fussy baby. We know that you would seldom wish to travel, but proper resources and planning can make your journey hassle-free. If you have any plans to travel with your baby in near future, don’t forget to carry the baby gear. For the comfiest baby gear, consider browsing Love N Care. Here you will get the best stuff that your little bundle of joy deserves!