Snack time can either be a trying time or an enjoyable time for kids. Usually, it depends on the kind of snacks they get. If it’s something they like, they don’t generally create a fuss and happily eat without complaining or throwing a tantrum. But if you’re serving them snacks you don’t like, then it’s likely that they may cry or beg for different snacks.

Parents obviously want their kids to eat what they are given without creating a fuss. So how can you make the snack time fun and enjoyable every time? How can kids enjoy a quick snack without throwing a fit or complaining? Well, here are a few tricks that you can follow:

Include kids in the snack preparation

If your child is old enough, then a good tip is to include them in the snack preparation. They will get excited about making their own snacks and will be less likely to complain if they are involved in the preparation process. Even four-year-olds can help with washingthe fruits and vegetables, while older kids can help peel and even slice.

The more involved they are, the more likely they are to enjoy a snack that they helped prepare!

Snack storage should be within reach of children

A great tip is to keep the snack storage at home within reach of the kids. For example, if you keep milk or juice in an area that your child can reach, they can simply pour themselves a drink at snack time. If they can easily reach for the fruits and veggies, they are more likely to involve themselves in the preparation process. This also means that snack storage should be kid-friendly.

Have fun with the food items

A great way to make your kids more excited for snack time is to get creative with the snacks. While preparing the snacks, you can create smiley faces or flowers simply be spending a few extra minutes on the food arrangement. This can make a huge difference.

You can look up all kinds of creative snack ideas on the internet if you don’t have anything
particular in mind, and you need some inspiration. Especially if you are sending these snacks
with your kids to school, it’s more exciting for them because they get to show their friends all
the fun and creative snacks they have.

Give the kids their very own plates, bowls, glasses, mugs, and cutleries

By providing your children with their own plates, bowls, glasses, mugs, and/or cutleries, you help them build a sense of autonomy. They know that these are meant specifically for their snacks, so even when they are preparing the snacks on their own, they know exactly which dishes or bowls or forks and spoons to use. This sense of knowing exactly what to do and use makes them feel empowered and independent, thus helping them enjoy snack time a little more.

Give them a designated snack-eating spot

When children have a designated spot for eating their snacks, it helps them establish a routine, which in turn, helps them enjoy their snacks without fussing. This is applicable even for babies. For example, you can get children chair and table for eating.

These are portable furniture that you can easily keep anywhere in the house. Even on days, they get to have snacks while watching TV, they can do so on their kids table designed especially for snack-eating. Preferably, a wooden table for snacks is the best choice of material.

Sit with them and eat with them when you can

You may be busy with work and taking care of your home and kids, but when you can, take the time to sit down with your children and enjoy some snacks with them. This is a great opportunity for bonding with them and spending quality time as a family. Especially after preparing a snack together, it’s always nice if you can sit down and enjoy it together as well. This simple act can make snack time so much more enjoyable for your kid.

Have a set time for snacks every day

When you give your children snacks at or around the same time every day, it helps them lay down a routine. As a result, snack time becomes a part of their daily lives, something that is as essential and important as brushing and washing after you get up, or going to school every weekday.

If you give your children snacks at 4 pm every day, then it slowly becomes part of their everyday lives. And when something becomes a part of your routine, you are less likely to fuss or complain about it and simply do it.

With these tips and tricks, your children will actually learn to enjoy their quick snacks. Whether you get creative with the snacks, or you get them a kids table for eating their snacks, the important thing is to make sure they eat healthily and on time.