Buying prams and strollers for babies is in no way easy. There are several fancy newborn prams to tempt you, and many robust designs that are functional and sturdy. There are many options, brands, and different price tags, making it difficult to pick the right pram for your little one.

So, how do you make a choice?

Experts suggest that before buying a pram, you need to be well aware of your requirements. In this article, we are here to help you decide and find the best-suited pram for your baby. We have curated all factors that you must consider before shopping for a baby pram – let’s get started.

The Perfect Baby Prams Australia

Weight of the Pram

The first thing that is of high importance while choosing a pram is its weight. Surprisingly, these baby strollers can be on the heavier side even up to 15 kg (without a baby!) 

You will need to lift the pram many times in a day. Hence, it is crucial for the safety of your baby as well as your back to have a sturdy yet lightweight pram by your side (unless you are a weightlifter). 

Make sure that you check its weight in the product details or ask the store to get it checked before buying.

Can You Fold It?

Ironically, the salesperson at the store can make folding a pram look like the easiest task on this planet. However, things are different when you reach home with the pram. Sometimes the pram can be so rigid, especially the new ones, that it can take you hours to simply fold. 

So, don’t fall for salesperson tricks. Do it yourself. Check which pram you can handle easily. Ask him/her to let you fold or learn the tricks of the trade from them.

Is It a Newborn Pram?

Do you know that baby prams are categorised according to age groups? If you are thinking that one pram will keep things easy for you, you might be wrong. 

Prams for newborns are different. As newborns lack the strength to support their heads, you need a pram that can give them the support. For instance, a newborn pram will need a recline flat or removable bassinet or a travel system.

You can look for such prams that can handle newborns to toddlers. This way, buying one pram can turn into an investment in the long term.

Plan Your Budget

Let’s face the biggest elephant in the room, what is your budget? 

As we mentioned, stepping into a pram & stroller store is no less than buying a luxury car. So, you need to be ready to find prams from cheap to simple to pricey to over the top budget.

This can only make your already difficult task more overwhelming. Hence, decide your budget beforehand. No matter whether you are shopping online or in-store, stick to it. Furthermore, once you like a pram, check for its online price. Many times, you can get the same model or brand at a cheaper rate online.

Moreover, think about the accessories you want in the pram. For instance, an attachable tray or bassinets or pram liners. Having a clear mind before stepping into the store will always be good for you to make a decision.

Number of Tiny Passengers

Are you looking for a single pram? Or you want to carry another child down the road? If that’s your choice, you will need to look for ‘plus one’ prams to accommodate one more guest. 

Usually, such prams are easy with toddlers as compared to newborns. Hence, multi-passenger prams are a good call if you are looking for toddlers.

Where Will You Use It?

Before buying a pram, think about your locality. Where do you live? If you live somewhere on hills or rough terrain, you might need a sturdy pram with four wheels (larger one’s) and spring suspension. 

If you are looking for a pram for smooth surfaces, you can get yourself a plastic wheel pram. If you live in an apartment in a city, a three-wheel jogger pram will be easy for turning into tight spaces. 

Size of the Pram

Lastly, the size of the pram should be well-considered. Make sure that it fits comfortably into your car boot otherwise you might need to fit it around the car. Too big or too small, both can cause trouble to carry or manage. So be mindful and choose a decently sized baby pram Australia

To Sum It Up

There’s no ideal pram that can give you all benefits in one go. However, you can draw your requirements before visiting a store. If you are thinking of buying a pram for your baby, we can help. Our exclusive collection of prams for different age groups will make your task easy and fun. 

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