Your guide to travelling with kids in 2019

One of the most frustrating mistakes you can make during your travelling with your kids unprepared. Now if you are not a parent, you will probably not understand why. But if you have ever travelled with your child, you know all too well what kind of hassle we are talking about.

And we are sure you would do about anything to make travelling with your kids as comfortable as possible.

Is your child very fussy when traveling?

There is a common misconception among parents that children are just moody and fussy in nature. This makes them think that no matter what kind of effort they put in, their child will still disturb them throughout the journey.

That’s completely incorrect!

Children – infants and toddlers in particular – often appear fussy because they cannot express their needs properly. Unfortunately for us parents, crying and making noise is the only way they know to signal for help. But you can avoid all this hassle by preparing according to their needs. Apart from their hunger, you need to take care of their physical comfort. That is one of the most common reasons why children constantly disturb their parents while travelling – they are not comfortable!

Why strollers are important when travelling with children

Let’s look at infants and toddlers separately here.

Infants or newborns:
They need to lie down properly, facing up, for which carriages work best. But as soon as they turn 6 months old, most of them start sitting upright. Now you need to shift them to a stroller to support their back and neck so they can sit properly (this is for when you take them out). Strollers are important for them because they do not have to sit in a reclined position anymore. They can easily sit upright. And most importantly, this is the time to properly introduce the world to them.

Let them see the sights around them, and a stroller is the most comfortable option to assist them with this

They can easily walk and even run, as they should for good health. However, they are still too young to walk great distances so you should make sure you have a stroller to put them in if they feel tired.

Having a stroller with you will also save you time by increasing mobility if your child doesn’t want to walk anymore. Do not forget to account for kids’ occasional moodiness!

Do you need to get a stroller?
You may want to carry your infant or walk your toddler when going out but think of all the ease and comfort that comes with carrying a stroller.

Focus on one of the times you went out with your kid for a long while. Now count all the items you had to take with you – the milk bottle, extra milk, snacks, diapers, change of clothes, toys, napkins … the list is unending. On top of these, you also have to carry child when they get tired. Now add the exhaustion of the journey into the mix and you will completely wear yourself out.

Save yourself all the trouble and get a stroller for all these benefits:
– Your child can easily enjoy the journey without getting tired
– You will be relieved of the physical burden of carrying a toddler
– You will have extra space to carry your child’s and miscellaneous items
– There will be increased safety for your child because strollers come with added safety features

Different types of strollers

Strollers come in a range of different types. There are:

– transformer strollers
– travel system strollers
– jogging strollers
– double strollers
– umbrella strollers
– and many other options for you to choose from

No matter what the physique, size or weight of your kid, you can find a stroller that perfectly suits them.

9 best Love N Care stroller options for your kids

Here are the nine best and most durable strollers by Love N Care’s stroller collection that you should consider getting for your child:

– IGO Seat & Canopy
– EVO Seat & Canopy
– Twingo Stroller
– Cony Stroller
– Lone Rider Stroller
– Push-Go- Stroller
– High-Rise Tandem
– Egg Stroller
– Mirage Stroller

Now let’s find out the stroller most suitable for your child.

1. IGO Seat & Canopy (Convertible, foldable, and stable)

This collection includes a huge variety of luxury prams. If you are looking for a stroller to adjust to your child’s growing body, this might be the right option for you. The IGO Seat & Canopy provides all these features:

– The best part of the IGO Model stroller is that it can very easily convert into a pram. This gives you double the benefit because you can customize the pushchair and make it suitable for both, younger babies and older children.

– If your child is feeling sleepy, you can adjust the backrest and the footrest into a sleeping position. Similarly, the canopy above can also be moved and fixed in the best position to cover the area over your child’s head.

– The mosquito net fitting will help your child sleep comfortably with very good air flow.

– The built-in front wheels suspension feature adds stability to the stroller. So when you are outside you would not have any problem turning the stroller.

– The best part is that it is completely foldable and you can even take off the wheels! Think of all the space you can save with this.

The IGO Seat & Canopy can support babies and children of weight up to 24 kg.

2. EVO Seat & Canopy (Adjustable, parent-facing mode)

This collection brings you the option of customization. Some of its top features are:

– To help your child into the most comfortable position, there are the adjustable leg, foot, and back supports that you can lower and raise.

– For safety purposes and to avoid bright sunlight or too much wind, the hood is also adjustable.

– One of the most amazing features is the option to transition between ford-facing or parent-facing mode. This way if you want to maintain direct eye-contact while talking to your child, you have the option to do so.

– And for parents complaining about the strollers being very low, EVO Seat & Canopy gives the option to adjust the push bar to your own height.

3. Twingo Stroller (twin seater, foldable, lightweight)

Are you parent to a set of twins and always facing the problem of taking both of them out alone? Here’s your solution.

As the name suggests, this is for all of you with double trouble!

Twingo Strollers offers all these benefits:

– It obviously has two seats but also gives you the option of a carrycot for a newborn.

– Don’t worry too much about the size being too big or the stroller being too heavy. Twingo Stroller is easily foldable and comes with a very lightweight frame.

– To make sure your kids are tightly secured in, there is a padded 5-point adjustable harness on both the seats.

– If one of your children is slightly big, you can detach the front flip bars to give your child more comfort.

– Do you wish to talk to your children while pushing the stroller? Switch to parent-facing mode!

– Give your children more comfort and recline their seats to the most comfortable positions.

4. Push-Go-Stroller (lightweight, durable, adjustable)

This is a stroller unlike any other – it is super lightweight, making it easy to carry from one place to another. You won’t have to put in any extra effort to push your baby around in this stroller because its multiple features are meant to make things easier for parents.

Check out these features:

-It is specifically designed for smooth, easy movement with front swivel wheels.
-The stroller has a lightweight alloy structure.
-The best part? It has a compact umbrella style that you can easily fold in and out depending on the sun.
-It has an adjustable leg rest and multiple backrest positions that you can adjust for your baby’s maximum comfort.
-Its 5-point safety harness will keep your baby safe.
-The shopping basket that comes with it is every person’s dream feature to have in a stroller.
-The Push-N-Go Stroller holds babies up to 18 kgs.

5. Cony Stroller (UV light protection, shock absorbers, stand fold)

This is perhaps the most appropriate choice for parents who love spending time outdoors with their kids. Why?

The Cony Stroller gives 99% of the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.

You should get this stroller if these features interest you:

– There is a full canopy with a fear window so your child is completely covered and safe. – Oh, the best part of all

– a huge basket to accommodate all your belongings!
– Its stand fold design means that it can stay upright when folded.
– This is one of the safest strollers because of its 0.3G shock absorber and front swivel wheels. In case of any sudden push or accident, the wheels will minimize the shock to your child by absorbing it.
– To add more comfort for your child, there is extra padded body cushion and the recliner can also be adjusted to the most relaxing position.

Cony Strollers are best for babies and children weighing up to 24 kg.

6. Lone Rider Stroller (lightweight, easy-to-use, back-cover window)

If you often travel with your kid this option is very suitable for you because:

– It is very lightweight and simple to use.
– It can be packed into a very compact umbrella type shape, with its aluminium chassis and puncture-proof wheels.
– To ensure your child is safely tucked in, there is a 5-point harness seat.
– At the same time, if your child is feeling uncomfortable with all the traps, remove the front bracket and basket.
– For all the paranoid and extra careful parents – you can check up on your kid through the small window in the back cover.

This model is best suitable if your child’s weight is up to 20 kg.

7. High-Rise Tandem (customization, foldable, extra padded)

This stroller comes with a high amount of customization and is recommended for parents who are constantly on-the-go. The most exciting part in a High-Rise Tandem is that you can customize it according to the needs and preferences of each child.

This stroller also gives you the following advantages:

– There is an additional padded insert. This is to accommodate babies who are too small to put into the normal seats of this stroller.
– More comfort is offered by very thick padding and tri-position layback features.
– Its structure is made out of aluminium so it can fold into the size of a single pram that you can easily hold and pack up with one hand.
– The hood can be attached or detached as per the weather or your wishes.
– A feature to facilitate you is the detachable tray with a cup holder.

8. Egg Stroller (adjustable, easy-to-use, comfortable)

The beautiful signature Egg Stroller is designed keeping in mind the needs of the parents.

If you want your baby to ride in style but also stay comfortable and safe, thee Egg Stroller is the answer to all your needs

-The soft touch fabric of the stroller gives the perfect ride for the baby and also gives the stroller a luxurious, stylish look.
-The most interesting part of the stroller is that it is fitted with special Tru-Ride Technology tyres. These are
-engineered for easy movement, superior handling, and ultimate comfort.
-The tyres are also durable so you can take your baby even on rough terrains without worrying about damage being caused to the stroller.
-There is also a compact, freestanding chassis that can be folded easily with just one hand.
-The three positions of the chassis recline easily and the forward facing seat unit is super comfortable and spacious for your child.
-The gorgeous stroller also comes with a handlebar that is fully adjustable and can be adjusted to 5 different height positions.
-It also comes with a rotating barrel. And no, it does not ruin the look of the stroller; it is beautifully finished in hand-stitched leatherette that gives the stroller the ultimate classy look.
-The seat unit has a curved design, making it perfect for children from 6 months of age and up to 25 kgs (when used as a single stroller) and 15 kg per seat (when used as a tandem stroller).
-There are 3 recline positions, 3 hood positions, and a front-to-back reversible seat. The beautifully designed stroller is made with soft fabric, which gives both you and your baby the ultimate experience.

9. Mirage Stroller (adjustable, lightweight, swivel wheels)

This model is popular for providing all these:

– It can recline into 4 different positions and has an adjustable footrest. These will help you set the stroller in a position where your child is the most comfortable.
– The removable food tray comes right in front of your child and s/he can easily eat the food sitting restfully in the seat.
– To help with mobility, Mirage Stroller provides a reversible handle and four swivel wheels. This will make the process of turning and moving around the stroller very convenient.
– Even though this has a heavy duty frame, it has a very lightweight structure to help you move it around.
– If you often use public transport you will be able to fold it into an upright position.

How do you know if Love N Care stroller is the right choice for you?

Love N Care specializes in baby products and designs every item with the needs and benefits of children in mind. This is why Love N Care products have different features in various products to add a little more safety, mobility, or comfort. The brand understands what your child needs and the stroller range at Love N Care is wide.

– If you are confused about the size of the stroller because your baby is growing too fast, go for the EVO Seat & Canopy Stroller and the Mirage Stroller.
– If you want a stroller for two, Twingo Stroller is your answer.
– If you want comfort and luxury both, IGO is designed for you.
– If you want a regular, travel-friendly stroller, check out the Nexo Buggy, Cony Stroller and the Lone Rider Stroller collections

Love N Care understands all the troubles parents have to face routinely when they travel with their children. This is why we are committed to improving our strollers and other products every single day