Are you about to welcome a newborn into the world?

If yes, then you are in the right place. As an expecting mother or father, we can understand your pain and confusion. When you are about to welcome a newborn, life takes a surprising turn. You are all caught up in gathering the best things for your baby right from clothing and toys to a comfortable bed. Which is why many parents are confused about what to pick a cot or a bassinet.

Well, choosing where your baby will sleep is a crucial decision as you would not want to compromise on your baby’s comfort. This is the reason, bassinets are preferred by most parents. Considering that bassinets are the perfect choice for your baby, we are here with some must-have features that you should look for, as after all, it is all about your baby’s comfort. So, let’s start with the important features in bassinets that you should look out for:

7 Important Features You Should Look Out For in Bassinets

To ensure your baby has a comfortable sleep every night, consider the features mentioned below:

Functionality and Motion

There are times when your baby falls asleep in your lap, which is when you would need a safe place to put your baby down. Here bassinets are the best choice, and when it’s time for you to sleep, you would want to sleep with your baby without waking them up. So, consider a bassinet that is functional where you can detach it from the base to carry your baby to your room.

Another important thing is the motion because when you go to make your baby sleep, there are too many stimuli and it’s difficult to get them sleeping. Moreover, it is hard for you to keep your baby entertained, thus having a bassinet that vibrates or has motion would put your baby to sleep faster. To avoid the hassle, you can put your baby in the bassinet and continue with your work.


The bassinet is like a portable bed, which is just the right size for your baby. And, you would not want to spend any more on the mattress, fitted sheets, or linings. The process involves a lot of hassle right from measuring the size and finding things according to it. It could be time-consuming and frustrating at the same time when you are already caught in a lot of work and additional responsibilities. So, the best thing is to pick a bassinet that has a soft and comfortable mattress along with soft lining fabric.


Having a canopy attached to the bassinet is the best thing that will protect your baby from the exposure to light as it can disturb the baby’s sleep. Also, if you are looking for aesthetics in a bassinet, the canopy is the one feature that you should never ignore as it will look great when kept in the room. This way, you can see your baby growing in the well-protected comfy space!


Storage is another must-have feature that you should look for as you will have tons of things that you will need to purchase to ensure your baby’s comfort and to avoid boredom. So, having a bassinet with proper storage is a must so you can keep your baby’s essentials such as diapers, wipes, clothes, and toys. They are easily accessible when you need them, and you no longer need to fiddle around your closet or cupboard for the essentials. You can have it all right in the bassinet.


Now, when we look for bassinets, we must check whether it is collapsible or not. It is best to pick a bassinet that is collapsible so that it doesn’t eat up your space when the bassinet is no longer in use. You should remember that bassinets are short term investments to ensure your baby’s comfort, as your baby grows, you may no longer need it. So, go for a bassinet that is collapsible which can be stored and kept in a safe place when it’s no longer required to use.


A baby enjoys varied sounds like that of a waterfall, music, or nature. To ensure that your baby is entertained, consider picking a bassinet that has a built-in feature with sound options. It will help to calm down and soothe a baby, which will put the baby to sleep much faster.


The last thing to consider is the portability of the bassinet you have selected. There are times when you plan to go out for a vacation with your baby. You may enjoy it, but your baby can have a hard time. You may not get a comfortable place to put your baby to sleep; so consider a portable bassinet, which can be carried anywhere.

Picking the Best Bassinet

Knowing the features mentioned above, we hope you have a good idea about the important things you need to consider when buying a bassinet. The tricky thing is that bassinets come in varied shapes, sizes, and patterns that may confuse you. Don’t worry, you can check out some of the best bassinets at Love N Care. You will get a full range of supplies for your baby that is designed to give your baby the maximum comfort. After all, it’s your baby, and we know it deserves the best of everything!