Do you have babies at home?

If yes, you might be dealing with all the funny chaos babies make during their mealtime. This is when you need a high chair to make your toddler sit and eat, without making a mini-mess!

High chairs provide the desired convenience and comfort, making the mealtime for you and your baby pleasant. It comes with various features like a latching tray, storage area, child safety restraints, and a comfortable seating pad. All these features make it an essential part of your baby gear when your cutie has just started taking solid foods. 

The high chair offers many more advantages to let your infant engage in social feeding activities. Let’s explore the best benefits of buying a high chair for your baby:

Five Advantages of a High Chair for Babies

Babies are notoriously messy. To improve their social skills, high chairs are extremely important. Have a look at the five important benefits that a high chair has to offer:

1. Comforts Your Infant Whilst Keeps Them Safe

The high chair is specially designed for your infants, which is customised for his/her growing size. However, it depends on the model you chose; it can be adjusted as your infant grows. It comes with a wide base, and the customisation makes it extremely comfortable for your infant.

As there is increasing competition with time amongst various manufacturers, they include more security features in the high chair for your baby. Now you will see many baby high chairs come with enhanced security features such as straps and lockable wheels.

2. Encourages Self-Feeding in Babies

High chair lets your baby learn to self-feed from an early point in life. Babies quickly grasp and develop their habits from their environment, and when they are taught to sit on a high chair, it teaches them to be self-reliant.  

When babies are made to sit and dine this way, they play and grab a mouthful and swallow what they are made to eat. This way, they learn the necessary motor skills, which are important for the complete wellbeing of your babies.

Apart from this, they learn more about the food habits and what they eat. Gradually, they gain control over what they eat and tune in to their natural hunger cues. 

3. Portable and Flexible

Do you travel often with your babies? If yes, high chairs are of great use for you. These are portable and easy to transport. They come with wheels on their legs that are lockable, which enhances the safety feature as the chair can’t be moved without unlocking the wheels. Moreover, you can move it at your convenience for easy monitoring.

Another great feature that high chairs have is flexibility.  By flexibility, we mean adjustable. The height, tray, or seat of the chair can be easily adjusted. Some even come with deformable features when not in use. We can say it is of great use in the growing years of the infants. 

4. Easy to Clean and Sanitise

If you are a parent with a self-feeding baby, you know the consequences. Things may turn extremely messy. So, it is a good idea to have your cutie to nosh that is easy to sanitise and clean, especially in times of COVID 19. Switch to high chairs as they are easy to clean. 

You would need a little soap, water, or liquid sanitiser to spray and get rid of any mess on the highchair. Since high chairs come with stain-resistant and removable trays, they can be easily sanitised and cleaned.

5. Impacts the Infant Social Upbringing and Enables Pleasant Time with Parents

When your babies are six months or so they become receptive to their environment. We can say it is a good time to add a high chair to your dining area or kitchen. When seated on a high table, your baby is at a height, which allows it to systematically observe and learn from its surroundings. Thus, your baby learns to eat and socialise, which impacts its social upbringing from the very initial years. 

Apart from this, your child strives to create a bond with the parents. High chairs give him/her that proximity and comfort that makes it convenient to freely walk and even talk more fondly to them.

High Chair Safety Tips

Looking at the benefits, if you have made up your mind to use a high chair for your baby, keep a few important safety tips in mind:
  • Always use a five-point harness or a safety strap to strap in your baby while seating him/her on the high chair.
  • Thoroughly examine the chair and look for any damages.
  • Keep the high chair in your proximity so you can monitor and look after your baby at all times. Keep it away from the reach of the table or countertops.
  • When your baby is seated in a high chair, never leave him/her unattended.

So, these were some benefits and points of consideration when your baby has turned six months. Adding in a high chair will make your mealtime less hectic. Make sure your baby is ready and learns it faster to adapt to it.

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